Quantified Self

The brand new album "Quantified Self" is available! 9 songs with a total playing time of over 52 minutes will be released on April 9th on Into The Limelight records. Check out the titletrack in the video above!

Order now at iTunes, Amazon or in the Into The Limelight Records webshop.

Latest news

Great review in Reaperzine from Germany: 9 out of 10!
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Aaaaaand two more awesome reviews got in! "Quantified Self keeps re-inventing itself with every song" - read all about it at DutchMetalManiac and TOTF
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"I think they made a killer debut album and a giant leap to new success" - Pitkings

"Probably one of the most eccentric and idiosyncratic releases ever to come from The Netherlands." - Inside The Coffin

All reviews April / May:

Pitkings - 9.1/10
Franconia Metallum 
Lords of Metal - 78/100
Inside The Coffin - 100/100 (!!!)
Loud-Stuff - 4.1/5
Wings of Death
Rockmuzine - 8.5/10 and CD of the week
April 9th is the official release date of "Quantified Self", the debut album of 3rd Machine. However, you can preorder it now with a nice early bird discount!  Over 52 minutes long, 9 mindblowing songs, all wrapped in a fancy digipak. This special offer ends on April 9, so head over to the webshop of Into The Limelight Records and get your copy now!


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